Terms of Trade

Please check our terms and conditions of trade from this PDF


Liquid spills should be wiped up with a clean dust free cloth or paper towel as soon as
possible. Ensure you use coasters on the surfaces to protect against scratches, heat or water marks. 

Pot plants require a waterproof saucer under to prevent seepage into concrete surface. 

To clean Concrete surfaces wipe with damp cloth. Do not leave any liquid for extended
periods as this will penetrate the sealer and may stain. Avoid acidic substances (lemon
juice, Tabasco sauce etc.) For stubborn stains use a PH Neutral cleaner (e.g. Simply Green
available from Bunnings). Spray on and wipe over. Clean with damp rag after using cleaner.
Avoid dragging abrasive objects on concrete surface to minimise scratching of the sealer
coat. Avoid contact with liquid, heat and direct sunlight.

If timber is sealed with a lacquer protective coating, the only maintenance required is to periodically
wipe timber with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Oils or other polishes are not
recommended. Do not wet down or leave spills to sit on timber surfaces. Avoid contact with
liquid, heat and keep out of direct/reflective sunlight. Abrasive cleaning products are not
recommended. For oiled timbers please contact studio@popplus.com.au for reapplication advice.

For metal and powder coat painted surfaces regularly wipe with a soft clean cloth to remove
particles which can abrade the surface with wear. Avoid contact with liquid, heat and direct
sunlight. Abrasive cleaning products are not recommended.

For longevity please keep furniture in covered outdoor areas away from direct sunlight or
harsh weather conditions for extended periods. Timber, concrete and steel finishes will
naturally discolour with age in an outdoor setting. For timber products re-apply a UV-stable
exterior grade oil (e.g. decking oil) every 6 months.